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Depression Counselling

London, UK

Emotion can enrich our lives but too much can be disruptive. Understanding what is important when we are sad about something can help us to give meaning to what is going on in our lives.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

We all experience depression a bit differently. A first step to understand your depression is to rate how often those particular symptoms occur and how you experience them. Many people find it interesting to learn that varied experiences can all be part of depression. If we are not severely depressed, we may occasionally experience only a few of these symptoms (little interest or pleasure in doing things, feeling down or hopeless, poor appetite or overeating, feeling bad about yourself, trouble concentrating on different things, moving or speaking so slowly or the opposite). When depression gets worse it is common to have many of these signs of depression active nearly every day.

Essential Counselling can help; we have in person and online counselling appointments available. Get in touch with us today and begin your path to a brighter day.

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