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Embrace The Future

Embracing your future can be seen in so many ways, my interpretation of it may not necessarily be the same as yours. Deciding to start therapy, contacting a professional to talk about your problems, trying to understand it better is not always easy, but when this happens, when you find that courage in you, something changes. At that point, you decide to embrace the future, decide to open yourself to anything that can come from this new journey you have undertaken. You will not be alone, your therapist will be there to support you by facilitating the exploration of your problems, of yourself. She/he will be there to offer you a safe space where you can be yourself and you can freely when you want and if you want to look at yourself in the mirror, see yourself in another perspective, perhaps different from what you have done up until now. You will have to take your time and not be hard on yourself, a lot of kindness will help the process. You are here and something is resounding familiar to you, you look to the future that at the moment seems to be different from how you want it, but something is shifting, you are thinking about it, you are thinking if counselling could help you too. If you too can regain confidence in yourself, put aside the anxiety that has been tormenting you for some time, start smiling again, work on that difficult relationship, understand why the stress of that job seems to have become the centre of everything. You have the key to your problems, with the help of a professional you will be able to build a work path based on mutual respect, you will be able to think about who you are and who you want to be. There will be moments of doubts and insights, you will find your way, you will again be able to look in the mirror.

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